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Re: Moon Lights

Dave noted that the CustomSeaLife new Moonlights 

> . . . are not red, but whiteish gray, in an
> attempt to simulate 
> moonlight. . . .

A couple of years ago, only blue ultrabright/superbright
LEDs were commonly available.  But you can now get
superbright or ultrabright LEDs in all kinds of colors now
they've figured out that they can dope the diode with
different phosphorescents.

You can get aqua, green, blue, light blue, yellow, orange,
warm white and very cool white.  Some of the superbrights
that are sold in colors have colored lenses.  But the
really good ones have clear or nearly clear lenses. 

Here's a good place I found that charges pretty reasonable
prices for very nice superbright LEDs:


Shipping is about $5.

The reds tend to req

Scott H.

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