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Re: Amano's parameters

Hey gang,

John T. Fitch asked about Amano's alarmingly low macro

I often wondered about these values which are similar
in Aquarium Plant Paradise by Amano. I have a couple
of theories on how he gets away with it:

Japanese tap water already has N and P in sufficient

OR-- Those values quoted are dosed every day, which I
think is more likely.  
Tom Barr wrote partly:
>>Basically I would not worry about what is written
about tank parameters. You answered your own question.
The proof is in the pudding, you try those parameters
and see for yourself:-)<<
It does work if you dose those values every day. I
know because it works for me. I don't have algae
problems anymore (did before) except whats left from
trying to cram 5-10ppm NO3, .5-1ppm PO4, etc into my
water. I may have sour tap water, I dunno, but since I
cut everything *way* back except traces and Fe, which
I tripled, things are going so much better. It's been
12 weeks since I added NO3 to my tanks and nothing is
so much as stunted, nevermind dead or algae ridden.

Dosing much less K-- more on the order of 5-10 parts
weekly seems to have boosted my growth rates
significantly as well. I haven't added any macros
except 5-8ppm K+ per week and .2ppm PO4 daily for the
last 12 weeks. 

I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone is wrong-- I
just know what does and doesn't work for me... 

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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