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Plant probs



My tank is about a week old and I am having some issues. Being a newbie, I
don't know what's wrong. Here are some pictures that I hope may help with
some advice. 



In this one, the plant in the center has veins which are much darker green
than the rest of the leaf. I think the whole lead used to be the dark green





Doesn't show up great, but this water sprite has some black splotches on the
stems. The stem appears thinner like it may be separating there. 





Here some rust-colored stuff appears to be forming on the leaves. I thought
at first it was algae, but it doesn't seem to smudge off with fingers. 





The plant here appears to be getting more yellow/dying leaves each day.






Here are some steps I have taken in the last couple of days.


* Cut light from 384W (3.1 W/g in rectangular 120g tank) to 192W.

* Adjust spraybar so less/no agitation occurs on the affected plants. It
wasn't bad before, but I figured I would rule it out completely. 

* Raised planting depth a little with tweezers. I thought they may have been
planted to deep so I pulled them up a little. 


Currently not using ferts due to 100% new Flourite and very hard water.


Full tank description can be found at 




Any advice, diagnosis, tests are appreciate.


Thanks as always




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