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Calcium Dosing?

When I was browsing around Homegrown Hydroponics web site for PMDD ingredients, I happened upon a chart that described what each of the macronutrients and trace nutrients did for plants (at least terrestrial plants, I guess). One of the macronutrients was calcium, and, its function as described on the web site was: Calcium Ca Used in cell growth and division, part of cell wall. I was wondering if you should supplement calcium in some shape or form for the planted aquarium as well. Here's their complete chart for all nutrients that the sell and what they do:

Macronutrients are required in large amounts
CarbonCComponent of all organic compounds
OxygenOsupplied by air & water
NitrogenNPart of chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins
PhosphorusPUsed in photosynthesis and almost all aspects of growth
PotassiumKActivates enzymes, used in formation of sugar and starch
CalciumCaUsed in cell growth and division, part of cell wall
MagnesiumMgPart of chlorophyll, activates enzymes
SulfurSPart of amino acids and proteins

Micronutrients are required in trace amounts
BoronBAffects reproduction
Chlorine ClAids in root growth
CopperCuUsed in clorophyll, activates enzymes
IronFeUsed in Photosynthesis
ManganeseMnPart of chlorophyll, activates enzymes
SodiumNaUsed for water movement
ZincZnPart of enzymes, used in auxins
MolybdenumMoUsed in nitrogen fixation
NickelNiLiberates Nitrogen
CobaltFixates Nitrogen
SiliconMakes tougher cell wall, enhances heat & drought

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