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Re: CO2, Low Light, Rust

Rachel, What is your Phosphate and Nitrate levels?
especially Phosphate? Have you been monitoring them?

What about water changes? Fequency, water quality?

What's the colour of your light?

CO2 does NOT increase diatom levels.


I received two responses to my post asking what the "rust"
algae was on my plants now that I've started adding CO2 to
my 1WPG 29 gallon tank. Both posters said that I need more

So, does this mean that you should not add CO2 to a
low-light tank? I had been using Flourish Excel in that
tank, but honestly believe it was killing off my fish (none
of the non-bottom swimmers have died since I stopped using
Excel, vs 1 every couple of weeks with excel). I had thought
that CO2 was beenficial regardless of light level. Should I
pull out the CO2? I don't want to add more light to the
tank; I am happy with the speed and lushness of growth, and
the very low need for maintenance. I just wanted to replace
the Excel.


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