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Re: Safely coverting Eclipse lights to AHS PCs

Custom SeaLife makes a retrofit specifically designed for the Eclipse family of hoods. Unfortunately, the are only available with "SmartLight" Bulbs which are 1/2 actinic, 1/2 10000K.
The reflector isn't that great either. I have one, but purchased a 6700K bulb from HelloLights.com, and it seems to be working fine. Only thing I don't like about the Eclipse hood is how it concentrates light over the front of the tank.

Eclipses can make nice, quick low light, slow grow planted

YOu can boost them with PCs using kits such as those from

But note that the cover that keep the Eclipse bulb from getting splashed will not fit over the AHS light.

One chaep way to redcue the risks is to cover the smaller
PCs with a length of fluoresscent light cover.  This is
clear plastic tubing that's sold at homedepot, etc. as a
covering for long T12 fluorescents -- it's inteneded to
contain the glass in case the glas tub is shattered.  It
comes with a black plastic end cap to fit over the pins.
You can cut this to adapt.

The ends will be open but it will prevent most splash
hazaards and the bulb heat will drive off small amounts of

I haven't found a simple fix for the larger PCs.

Scott H.

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