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Re: "best" spot algae removal on anubias

I still have to try growing Anubias out of the tank, I've heard it's the
best way to solve all your algae problems. I did however fiddle around with
H2O2 recentlly. I filled a 2 gallon bucket with tank water and added about a
glass (very scientific!) of Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution from pharmacy)
and dipped my algae covered driftwood in it which had an anubias attached to
it. I left the wood in there for a while but only dipped the anubias for
about 20 seconds, worked wonders for green spot, brush and BGA (green spot
was probably the one effected the least, or took longer to effect). It might
be worth a try, it did turn the leaves slightly pale but they are still
growing very well and free of algae. My plan was to perform a big cleanup
after having solved an algae problem, my available "out-of-tank" options
were bleach or H2O2 and having recently read about using H2O2 I decided it
may be the less harmful substance overall. I also trimmed the anubias down
to 3 leaves before the dip, I left enough to make it look alive and got rid
of the rest.

Hope that helps, a little experimentation might be needed to get the dose
and exposure time correct for different plants and perhaps some plants won't
like it at all, but it looks as if anubias can take the "punishment". I
wouldn't call it the ideal solution but it's better than scrubbing the
leaves, perhaps try it first on a leaf you have cut off the anubias.

Giancarlo Podio

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Hi all!
What's the most effective way to get spot algae off
anubias? I've read about bleach-treating in the
archives (and the folly of symptom-based action), but
could unearth no instructions. The spot algae seems to
have slowed down (less on glass, less new spots, etc),
and the plant's in great health-- putting out at least
a new leaf a week.

I can't add any more algae-eaters, unless a few shrimp
could take care of it-- it's a 6G with oto.

It's in too concentrated an area to snip off affected

Non-CO2, lowish light, dose 5-6mL Flourish Excel and
Potassium, 4-5mL Flourish Iron weekly.

One other question, speaking of Flourish: When I asked
LFS guy how to clear it off, he suggested putting it
in a fishless tank and uber-dosing Excel for about a
week and it would "eat it off." He also said a bleach
dip would kill the anubias, so I'm not that confident
about his Excel claim. If it's true, though, how does
it work?

Thanks for all the help you guys have been over the
last year!

in Atlanta, where it has FINALLY quit raining.