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Re: CO2 REactors in sum wet/dry

Thomas Barr:

> Scott, it's difficult to explain verbally here. I think
> this is were the
> confusion lay. 
> The design is similar to that of an external reactor, but
> the bottom portion
> has no back pressure since it simply falls right into the
> sump. The reactor
> can be above the water level on the side or sitting on
> the bottom of the
> sump etc. So it can be sort of external(hang on the side
> of the sump) or
> internal(sitting into the sump) really. You'll have a
> longer return tube if
> you fed it back to the sump pump return.

Thanks, Tom, I think that pretty much clears it up the

Tube length and head aren't my problem, but one can't have
evrything can one?  ;-)  .

Scott H.  

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