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Re: CO2 wet/dry filters etc

> Tube length and head aren't my problem, but one can't have
> evrything can one?  ;-)  .
> Scott H.  

I think it's possible. Erik's design is basically like mine but I use a
powerhead rather than loop off the return pump.

Using a loop off the return pump is a nice method if you like 24/7 CO2
addition. A simple 2-3" dia x 12-16 inch larger size length of PVC with some
bioballs would do the trick with a ball valve right after the Tee splitting
the line along the main return pipe to divert the rate of water flow into
the reactor. That should work swell. Adding a venturi valve on the CO2 loop
would help improve the CO2 dissolution or a simple addition of a 3/16" rigid
tubing for CO2 input right before the Main 2-3" tube. Need a check valve for
sure on this type of design.
I have done horizontal type Reactor tubes in the past as well for SW kalks
for tight locations but the vertical designs are better.

For folks that like semi automated/fully automated CO2, the power head
design is the best. No check valve needed, venturi suction and atomization
of CO2 by impeller, higher dosages during the day light hours(no nighttime
build up). Also allows simple addition to an existing system.
The power head method works with DIY yeast. I would not try the loop return
method with a DIY yeast set up:)

It is possible to have everything, but you need to consider what everything
is for you. Some want every bell and whistle.
I don;'t like that although it's neat to look at. Some folks really get into
it and think it's better than what I might have or want.

 I've been getting more simple in my approach to the hobby and aquariums as
I progress for about the last ~15 years.

Filter, light, substrate, critters, dosing routine, maintenance, CO2 and
plants. Not much else.

Tom Barr