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Re: gravel vac

Dr Ajit Athale wrote:

I would be grateful if anyboady can suggest me a web site with picture of
Gravel vac or python gravrel cleaning pump.

I have not seen them in LFS here and would like to do some DIY from the

Here is an article on building a DIY Python gravel cleaner (with photos):


The hardest part to find will probably be the faucet pump unless waterbeds are common in Baroda.

A plain gravel vac is nothing more than a regular hose with a larger diameter plastic cylinder (~5-6cm dia. x ~25-30cm long) attached to the end. The larger tube slows the rate of flow enough so that gravel is not removed with the water and detritus. It looks something like this:


Does your LFS not have these?

There are also some battery-powered gravel cleaners available here, but they tend not to work well in my experience.

Hope it helps and good luck.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee