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More info on my H. micranthemoides

To Chuck H.

Re: H. micranthemoides not growing


Here are the answers to the questions you posed me.  Yes, I have 6 x 65W CF lights.  I orginally bought a strip with 2 then bought a strip with 4 a couple of months ago.  I dose Flourish and Flourish Trace, Iron, and K 2 x week per bottle dosing instructions.  I have some Phosphorus on order now.  I also dose KNO3 when nitrate levels get low.  CO2 is injected at a rate of 32 bubbles/second.  Right now the tank has nitrates of 5, pH=7, KH=9, and iron=0 (tonight is a fert night).  I have never checked the difference in CO2 levels between morning and night; I only do my testing at night.  It was also mentioned by another poster that it does better in finer substrate.  My substrate is mostly Flourite with some regular landscaping gravel included.  I have noticed that when I go to push the stems in the bottom, they have a tendency to snap.  Maybe that is part of the problem, too.
I also want to thank everyone on this list for their help.  I am new to this plant thing, and I have learned so much from everybody.  The knowledge and experience of the people on this least really are a tremendous asset for all of us "newbies".

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