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Re: LFS vs APD wisdom - wisdom or effetism?

Robert H said, in part:

>There is still a big mind set amoung both retail customers
> and retailers that you can simply throw plants in an 
> aquarium without addressing any need in particular, and 
> when they die three months later you simply replace them 
> with new plants. Thats about as low tech as you can get.

Not only is it low tech, it's slow grow, and (alert:
sacrilege coming) it's a technique that works pretty good
for giving you halfway decent looking plants most of the
time.  Yes, rotational gardening works, in its way.  Of
ourse you have to stick to the process religiously and not
wait too long between rotations.  This is a
low-initial-cost, high-long-term cost style of gardening --
Okay, it's not quite gardening in the traditional sense,
it's more like what the shopping malls do with the
decorative flora that the replace as soon as the blossoms

I'm not recommending rotational gardeing.  I don't do it
either (watch out for cheap straight lines).  Anyway, I
don't it on purpose but try and tell that to the 
Pellia  :-( .  

And I know that some would say, "It's cheating!" *But* that
depends on what your goals are.  Heck, you don't even have
to aerate if you change the plants often enough  ;-) .

Anyway, it beats plastic, well, sort of.

Btw, the rotational process is extremely practical for rock
gardening - you can go literally for ages without really
needing to change rocks for appearances sake.  I think
Roger will back me up on that.

Scott H.

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