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Re: Growing H. micranthemoides

Jennifer P. wrote:

I am trying to grow a large patch of H. micranthemoides in my 75G tank.
I have 390 watts of light on it, but my new Ozelot sword has taken off like
a rocket so now the babytears are partially shaded by the sword's huge
leaves. It isn't dying off, but it sure isn't growing, either. Is this plant just
a slow grower, or am I going to have to move it to a "sunnier" location to
get some growth? I don't believe it's a nutrient problem as everything
else in the tank is growing quickly, too.

I bet things are growing quickly at 5W/gal. :) Is that 390 Watts = 6x65W compact fluorescent? That's intense lighting and I bet nutrients are out of balance. In my experience, Hemianthus is a weed and doesn't require a great deal of light or care to do well. What's your dosing routine? Is the CO2 level good throughout the photoperiod?

Also, do these plants eventually grow good root systems?

Yes. The 3-leaf variety is a bit "rootier" than the 2-leaf variety, but both will root well.

Every time my cories go through it, I end up having to replant half of it.
Maybe this is related to the slow growth?

Or no growth, maybe. Double check nutrients, CO2. My guess would be that a lack of Fe is at least part of the problem. Plants, especially stems, can really guzzle under very high light and suck a tank clean of nutrients in an amazingly short period of time.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee