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TAOPA list

To answer Chuuk's question about the TAOPA list

TAOPA was started a little less than 2 years ago.  It
stands for The Artistry of Planted Aquaria.

It was intended to be a place for discussing the
design, artistry and aesthetics of the hobby, rather
than the technical aspects.  It was thought that a
list dedicated to these things would foster a unique
conversation that would help push us forward.

The list did very well and grew quite rapidly.  Some
very interesting conversations ensued.  We even had a
Q&A chat session with Jeff Senske that was relatively
well - attended.  The list was hosted on Yahoo.  At
one point we were in charge of choosing the featured
tank in TAG (AGA publication).

Due to a number of issues, the decision was made to
switch the list from Yahoo to my friend's private
server.  This ultimately proved to be a mistake, as
there were some software glitches that allowed random
spam to reach us, and the list sort of petered out
from there.  Me having to break down my tanks, move,
and start a new job didn't help.

To restart the TAOPA list on Yahoo (which is how I
would do it now) would only require flipping a switch.
 It is currently deactivated.  People already on the
list could stay or opt out. 

There is already some very good stuff in the archive
that I'm sure would be useful for many people.

I will restart the list in a few days, and we'll see
how it goes.  I will post how to join the list


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