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Crypt sp. tries to flower immersed

I have a tank that is completely filled with a single species of Cryptocoryne. This plant came in an "assorted crypts" package, so I'm unsure of its identity. My feeling is that it is most likely a Sri Lanka variety. It is hardy, grows like a weed, and is ~25-30cm tall on average. Offsets generally come up around 8-15cm from the parent. Leaves are narrow, lanceolate, undulate under moderate to high lighting, and are most attractive under moderate light where they adopt a copper hue accented with darker, relatively symmetrical "tiger" stripes in a vee shape along the center of the leaf. In higher light the leaves are dark brown -- the previously mentioned vee's are still faintly visible -- with intense red on the underside. In this manner, it is similar to C. becketti. I'm moving some of these plants to emmerse culture soon for a shot at identification.

Not long ago, more out of necessity than design, I allowed nutrients to plummet to near zero. I didn't do any water changes during this time and turned the CO2 and lighting down. The results were predictable; all plants melted creating total devastation. I was very busy with work and allowed the tank to remain in this condition for about a week. Then, I removed all of the meltdown detritus, ran the diatom filter, and brought nutrients and lighting back to normal levels. The response of the Crypt was phenomenal. By the end of a two week period, the Crypt grove was growing in thicker than ever, completely obscuring the substrate. But the most amazing thing is that one of the largest plants tried to flower immersed. However, the spathe never matured and the inflorescence eventually melted within a few days of discovery.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Crypts trying to flower immersed? I hadn't realized such a thing was possible.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee