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Re: Why CEO's don't come here

Matt Kutchner writes about CEO's not coming onto APD:

Nope.  There's a difference between "criticism" and
"assault." If I'm using words too big for you to
understand, Dan, look them up in the dictionary.  Oh,
wait... that was criticizing your comprehension,
wasn't it?  But I'm sure you appreciate and welcome
criticism... right, Dan?

I have been reading this digest for a couple of years now. I ask the odd question when I need help, and make the odd statement when I have something to say. Here is an observation for you, Matt. I have NEVER witnessed an attack on a CEO on this digest since I have been reading the APD, especially to the extent which you just did above. Yours was nasty personal name-calling. I have found the responses from the hobbyists here to be logical and science based.

The only thing which even comes close to what you are alleging, is science based questions which refute the claims of some products without using the emotional responses which you just did. These questions are simply good for business, because it gives companies important feedback to improve their products, and yes they want to improve their products.

I cannot remember any personal attacks from APD'ers to the extent which you just did here. I would not want to see this valuable digest sink to this level of discussion, as comments like these are far more damaging to the health of this digest and the aquatic business in general. I think you should apologize for getting so personal, and then stick to the agenda - aquatic plants.

My two cents worth.

Ed Dumas