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Re: Why CEO's don't come here

3 Good reasons:

#1 Well they don't have time since they have companies to run.
#2 Generally we are a small market share.
#3 A few do, Greg and Claus are well received in the business world and with science to back it up.

So I really don't see why this question was really asked. Care to explain further?

Others? I have not seen many over the years. A few trying to parlay some algae killing snake oils like traveling salespeople have gotten an icy reception, some claiming K+ levels above 2ppm cause algae etc, some have threatened and sued aquarist and other things which are simply not true have gotten poo pooed. 

 Well duhh.

I guess I should sit back and not say anything when some CEO(or some less than eloquent title)claims something is blue when folks know it red? Sorry, I'll say something if it doesn't jive.
It did not jive with many folks when I said PO4 does not cause algae. Some folks can back up and prove what they say and stick it out and not give up. Any CEO worth their salt sould be able to handle the heat when discussing their products to critics.

Heck, we slam one another when we say things that are not right or even quite right.

This process helps folks further the hobby in the future. Companies come and go. Hobbyist will always be here. Once you figure that out, things make a bit more sense. 

Tom Barr