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Re: Water is the root of all evil

Joann wrote:

Water? Screw that. Water is exactly what our problem is. Everything
frustrating about this hobby can be blamed on water.

I feel like "The Master". No algae, zero maintenance

On a slightly related note: My paludarium has been growing and evolving with minimal interference from me. But, I've now got a noticable BGA outbreak, but it's not in the water. It's growing all over several of the branches. The branches are constantly getting a little misting from the waterfall, but the BGA is really thriving.

Besides the BGA, it's growing nicely.   Pennywort does VERY
well emersed. It's now crawled all the way to the top, from
one side all the way to the other and back again.  If I'm
not careful, it's going to choke everything else out of the