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fish in a fruit jar

You know, I don't get up on a soap box for a cause very often...but this
just infurates me and I have to share it. Pardon the off topic...

Reading the May issue of FAMA magazine and a little article by Joy Tippit:

an aticle explaining how to build your own Aqua baby with a betta... USING A
FRUIT JAR!!! She even has a picture of it, it is literally no bigger than a
mayonaise jar! She says to use a fruit jar with a spider house plant growing
in it!!! MY God! And this is a respectable magazine! She called it the
perfect gift for a child.... She doesn't even mention that you should change
the water once in a while! She does acknowledge that the room temp may be a
little cold for the fish!

Now for the last couple of years there has been a big hubbabalu and a
boycott of Aquababies, a commercial deathtrap that holds one betta or other
fish, as well as the Betta vase, but this is even worse...and actually
promoted in a national magazine!!! Its no bigger than a betta bowl! This is
totally disgusting! This writer should be fired! Not only is every Betta
society, club, and association against keeping bettas in such small
containers, even PETA has taken issue with it! But to tell people in a
printed magazine its OK to keep a betta in a little mayonaise jar?  What
gets me is in the same magazine, there is a regular Betta colum by a
presumed Betta expert, Gene Lucas. I'm really tempted to email him and
demand he speak up against the nonsense. Now I have seen some questionable
articles in FAMA before, but this really takes the cake. Not only is the
writer off her rocker, but the fact the magazine would print such a thing is
disgusting. This upsets me a lot more than the issue of taking meds off of
pet store shelves! :)

People should email FAMA and give them a little education.
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Robert Paul Hudson