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Re: "aerial roots"

I don't think they are bad (I could be wrong however), I always assumed that
seeing most of the fertilizers and nutrients I add are in the water column
that the plants were simply rooting where the nutrients were available. Same
goes for when I stick a tab in the substrate the plant will usually grow
roots all around it, infact when I pull a plant out it usually brings a tab
out with it held tightly by the roots. I've also had the slight impression
that since I have gotten lazy about re-newing the tabs in the substrate the
plants are rooting above the substrate a little more than before. Actually I
have a bulb that is now growing roots vertically out of the substrate and
straight up into the water column, looks kind of odd.

Giancarlo Podio

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Until I saw Cheryl Trine's post, I didn't realize that "aerial roots" were a
problem and may possibly be the cause of an imbalance in the water.  Would
someone please explain to me -- in layman's terms -- why these occur.
very much!  I love this board, but lots of times it goes w-a-y over my head

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