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Equipment in the Atlanta, Georgia area for sale.

Hi everyone,
I am currently selling my house to move locally a bit closer into the 
Atlanta, Georgia area. I have already broken down my tanks and have some 
equipmnt and tanks for sale. Tanks are for local pickup only in Greater 
Atlanta. CO2 equipment could be shipped, but the tanks will be empty (illegal 
and dangerous to ship filled).

Here is the list:

One complete CO2 setup: 20# tank, regulator with solenoid (Knop brand) and pH 
controller (Milwaukee instruments SMS 122).

Regulator with solenoid (JBJ brand) and pH controller (Milwaukee instruments 
SMS 122)

All CO2 equipment is purpose built, meaning manufactured for this purpose and 
not home made.

All-Glass 125 Reef Ready oak finish and Modern Series stand oak finish.

All-Glass Reef Ready 90 gallon oak finish with Oak stand (stand is oak-not 
All Glass-off bvrand, but very nice).

All-Glass Reef Ready 65 gallon oak finish with Oceanic reef ready stand oak 

All equipment works well and tanks are in good shape.

Email me off list if interested. dgrim62 at cs_com.

I'll get set up again once my move is complete. thanks.

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