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Those blankety blank socially irresponsible money-grubbing drug corps who . . .


In commenting about the misuse of antibiotics Tom said, in part,

". . .  That is simply plain stupid and very very very bad public health 
So why are we not doing anything about it here in the USA and elsewhere?
The only "reason" is that some group might stand to lose profits.
Some lobbyist for Agrabusiness and Pharmaceutical companies . . . "

Well, maybe.  And a good sentiment for the upcoming International Workers of 
the World day, May 1, too.

But it might be more "profitable" to blame those who are responsible for the 
misuse of the antibiotics, the folks who buy it from their LFS or take only 
part of a prescription.  Getting those folks to change their practices would 
solve the problem real fast; blaming big companies or other's in the supply 
chain is painless but won't help much.

As Pogo said, "We has met the enemy and he is us."  So let's "us" just stop 
using that stuff for things for which it wasn't intended.