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Re: Non-Profit Sources

Hi Dennis,

I don't know of any formal institutions but I do know one person who sells
plants, driftwood and other related aquaria to fund a worthy cause:


Not sure if this is what you are looking for, I've purchased plants from
Wilma in the past and was very pleased with them.

Giancarlo Podio

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While stumbling around the web looking for info for my new reef tank, I
happened on http://www.gulfspecimen.org/   Which led me to think that there
might be non-profit educational organizations selling freshwater plants,
etc. - especially those biotopically oriented. Since I couldn't make Google
understand what I was looking for, I thought I'd ask here if anyone knew of
any. I'd much rather support non-profits that are using the money for
education or sustaining environments.  TIA.