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Re: Pond snail q's - pic of leaf

Naomi wrote of her holey Lysimachia:


It was taken before the problem got out of hand, but you can see the leaf on the stem in the upper-left-hand area - it has the two holes. Now there are many more holes and the transparent specks on almost every leaf on every stem. Does it look like the evil-doings of a pond snail or can a deficiency alone cause this?

I'm so sorry if I'm being pesky-persistent, but this is my new "favorite plant" and I'm worried after what happened with my old "favorite plant." Thanks for any help/advice you can send my way...

I'm fond of this plant, too, Naomi. Though the holes do look like they could be snail damage, I agree with Paul; Common pond snails (Physa spp.) don't eat plants unless the plant, or a portion of it, is already in decay. Try either boosting traces or adding some extra Fe and see how it reacts over the next few weeks.

Now, I'm curious.  What was your old favorite and what happened to it?
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee