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overdriving T8s

Knowledge is a dangerous thing  ... for me.

After reading Ivo Busko's excellent article on fluorescent
lights at http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm,
and having an inspiring conversation this afternoon with
him about fluorescent ballasts, I'm now determined to get
a ballast that will overdrive T8s. (I'm motivated by the fact
that I can't afford PCs right now.)

Well, now I'm going nuts looking for the perfect ballast!

1) Does anyone know a website that sells a wide selection
of  Advance ballasts? I'm specifically looking for the
Standard Elec REL-3P32-HL-SC. Operating two T8/32W
with it gives a ballast factor of 1.32. Oh, drool.....

2) Has anyone had experience with the Ultralux
electronic ballasts? Their Ultralux Super claims to have
a ballast factor of 1.3. Oh, drool....

My plants will appreciate any advice you have. (Oh, and me too.)


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD