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Catching your own

Made a good haul today. Didn't step on one rotting old log and fall in up to
my neck in red tea colored water. Nothing too embarrassing this time.

I had planned to hit several locations but the first was so good I just
stayed there. 

Water is classic balckwater type with no KH/GH, acid etc.

2 FW flounders ! 
1 pipefish !
4 Notorus catfish
20+ Notropis welaka
1 Darter
2 different clam species
3 Turtles, these were tossed back
2 unidentified small killifish
5 E evergaldaei
A few mollies.
3 Water stick bugs- very neat looking
2 Assassin Bugs
2 Pygmy Sunfish.
Tons of snails. 

About a 40 minute drive, curb side parking. Spent about an hour with a dip
net. Left my minnow traps and will come back later Mon or Tues to check.

I'll be moving in a year so I can simply release these natives right back to
their home.

Tom Barr