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Free hodge-podge

Hi, All!

I recently moved and my tanks had to be bumped down on my list of 
priorities. Some plants got overgrown, while some apparently suffered from 
various deficiencies (For nearly two weeks I couldn't remember where I 
packed the fertilizers and stuff). I'm ready to do some trimming, now. 
They're not nice enough to sell, but not hopeless enough to toss.

Here's approximately what I'll have:
four stems of Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' (~4")
one dozen or so stems of Micranthemum umbrosum (3-5")
eight stems of really twisty Bacopa monnieri (~5-6")

If you request, I'll be happy to include a few snippets of Eleocharis 
parvulus and/or small plantlets of Cryptocoryne wendtii, although my 
understanding is that the former doesn't travel too well. And the crypts 
are in mid-melt... I haven't bothered to refill that tank, yet. There are a 
few specimens that look pretty well intact.

I can send a photo of the L. nummularia 'aurea', if you're unsure of what 
it looks like. If you'd like to give my planties a home (and pay for their 
travel fare), please e-mail me. U.S. only. Thanks!

-Naomi :-)