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Re: filter advice

Ray (rspahn at sackets-harbor-high_moric.org) assked about
Eheims for 150 gal. tanks:

> . . .Would one of the recommended 160 gl
> filters do 
> the job or go with two of the smaller versions?  Thanks
> in advance, 

If I was setting a 150 gal. now, I'd set up a sump. The
benefits of a sump are just too good especially on tanks
that size.  If for any reason I wasn't doing a sump and I
had the funds, I get two Eheim 2026s for each 150.  I
prefer two filters to one (change out half the mediaum at
one time)and on a big tank it's more practical than smaller
ones.  If funds were tighter than that, then I get a 2250
or a pair of Rena Filstars.  Both of these latter choices
are reliable and suitable -- a 2250 gives you gallons of
media space.  I've used a 2250 on my 150 for a couple of
years -- wanna buy it?  It does a good job but I wanna do
the sump thing so I'm replacing it with a sump in a few

Scott H

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