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Lighting T12 48" tubes

Hi folks some questions about lighting. I have read over all the information
at the krib and
still I'm not sure what people feel are good combinations of bulbs.

I'm thinking of either;

	Philips Colortone 75 7500K 1720Lumens  95 CRI

Would these bulbs be a good choice? I'm thinking of combining them with

	Phillips Colortone 50 1915Lumens 92 CRI

I used to use some of the Agro-Lite bulbs but they seem so have very low
Lumens (1360) and there is no CRI listed for them.

Could people tell me what they have found to be good combinations of good
growth and nice visual light combinations. What have they found to be the
benefits and the trade off with their combinations.

Rod W