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Re: algae

> My 29G tank has been doing great except for this one pesty stringy algae.
> Anyone know what it is called?
> http://www.fishlinkcentral.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=973


> I've been keeping my parameters right where they need to be.

It'll hang out sometimes but if you keep the CO2/PO4 high and NPO3 in a
decent range, it goes away.
Amano shrimps certainly eat this. Also pruning the areas that are infested.
So the Gloss needed trimmed.
I've been able to keep this at bay and eliminated with any herbivores.

Tom Barr

I keep this
> algae in check by twirling it around a gun cleaning rod and pulling it out,
> but it is always slowly growing back. Is there a fish or critter that might
> eat it? With diligent pruning, and pulling it out, I can keep the tank
> looking great, but would like to eliminate this algae. Any suggestions would
> be great.