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Re: Siamese Alage eaters and Java Moss


My experience has been similar to Cavans. I had a moss covered wall. After 
introducing five Siamese Algae Eaters to the 160 litre tank the strands of 
moss gradually became thinner; it continued to grow, it was just that the 
leaflets were very small. The effect was not immediately obvious but 
developed over several months. When I moved three of these fish to another 
aquarium the moss recovered to it's previous lush state. I've never observed 
the fish attacking the moss directly but I am sure that they do restrict 
it's growth. As Cavan says, it probably depends on the individual fish, but 
I think that if you have enough to make a signifigant impact on any algae 
then they will have an effect on your moss as well.

Roy Wadey.

Peter wrote:
>Hello, I'v been thinking of picking up a couple of SAE's but just >wanted 
>to know if they are safe with java moss.  I got a pair of >nicely covered 
>rocks and don't want the SAE's eating them :)


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