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Re: Scott's tank

> Subject: CP for 90 gallon plant tank
>  I donít
> plan on getting into the heavy supplementing and CO2 stuff.

But you plan on spending much more than the cost of a gas CO2 system(~120$
and simple dosing routine? The CO2 + nutrients will make your tank much more
enjoyable and grow much better than adding more light.

CO2 gas systems are about like the lights, you don't touch them once set up
except for a few seconds here and there over the course of several months.
Adding 4 simple cheap easy to dose nutrients 2x a week or so and doing
regular water changes ain't hard at all. No need to get involved, just do
this and enjoy the tank.

The results are much better.

A Simple 4-6 bulb T-8 electronic ballast set up should run about 40-80$
depending if you DIY. That would do well.
The tank would do far better with that than the PC set ups and cost much

> So my questions are:  Which system is the best and why?  Is this too much
> light for a 90 gallon?

Without or with CO2 it is generally.

> Should I go smaller?  Which types of bulbs and what
> combination do you recommend?  If the back of the canopy is open, would that
> much lighting need a cooling fan?

I have never used fans. I raise the canopy box up on feet about 1-2 inches
above the water's surface etc. I make all of my own hoods and stands.
This provides more than enough cooling.

Tom Barr
> Scott