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re: Can of Worms

Except in this case "midgatutordigest" would have to be harvested from
within an email body which I don't believe any of the worms I'm familiar
with now do. They do harvest addresses from various folders from the headers
as well as from the address book. However in this case it wouldn't make
sense for anyone to have midgatutordigest listed in their address book since
he only uses that address to receive digests from subscribed lists.

BTW, I sent an email to his digest address and got back a response that his
inbox was over limit. I found his normal email address and sent a mail to
him but didn't get a response either.

Why not just unsubscribe the person?

Alternatively have the list owner look at the message received and figure
out where it came from in the first place. Looking at the headers usually
yields the correct result and it's not that hard.

Who owns the list?


Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 07:45:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com>
Subject: Re: Can of Worms

Umm, folks, more often than not, the current worms out there spread using
a name picked out of someone's address book, rather than the infected
person's e-mail address itself.