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Re: Can of worms

I think it would be helpful for admin to set up a filter or adjust the 
existing one so that any incoming post containing a binary attachment is 
eliminated completely.  I'm not familiar with Majordomo, so maybe it's not 
possible.  As it is, the attachment is stripped, but we still have to put 
up with the rest of the post.  If the filter would toss it all out, we'd 
never even know that a worm was knocking at the door.

On the private side, the best recourse for Windows users is to install a 
good antivirus program, preferably one that scans incoming mail.  Everyone 
else is safe, at least for the moment.

May a million angry fleas infest the nether parts of the sociopaths writing 
these mass mailing worms.  And send a few over to Bill Gates for good measure.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee