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Can of Worms

Paul, why don't 2000 of us email this infected "I'm not going to reply"
person and see how he likes it.

I have received about 50 personal worms and this list has been bombed more
than I care to count.

Time to start bombing him back till he gets the picture.
Something needs done.

Tom Barr
> * From: "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at fitchfamily_com>
> A couple of people have asked about the mysterious garbled postings we get
> from midgatutordigests at yahoo_com.  A quick Google search turned up this
> posting:
> http://fins.actwin.com/live-foods/month.200212/msg00000.html
> which says, basically,
> "My name is Michael and I keep fish.
> My list address is midgatutordigests at yahoo_com.
> I only use this address for mailing lists.
> My regular address is midgatutor at yahoo_com and any
> personal communication should be directed there.
> I did the same thing John Fitch did, and found the same posting to
> the live foods digest.  I wrote Michael an email asking how it was
> that these attachment postings based on topics unrelated to aquatic
> plants kept showing up on the APD.  No reply, so far.
> -- 
> Paul Krombholz in sodden central Mississippi, where we had 12 inches
> of rain yesterday.