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Re: Mold in Seachem Nitrogen...

>I bought the 500ml bottle of Seachem's nitrogen, and there is what
>appears to be a layer of mildew growing on the top of it... It formed
>shortly after I opened it and started using it.
>Is this mildew going to ruin what is in the mix? How can I get rid of

It should still be ok, but if you'll send your address to 
support at seachem_com we'll send a replacement bottle. Please include 
the lot# of the bottle as well (5 digit code stamped on the right 
side of the bottle). If anyone else is having this problem you can do 
the same. For now, just keep it in the refrigerator when not in use. 
Apparently one of the batches did not receive enough preservative as 
it should have. Please accept my apologies for any inconvience this 
may have caused.

-Greg Morin

Seachem Laboratories, Inc.  www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM