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Az Gardens

Seems that most of the time you hear people post a comment about one 
comany or another it is a negative comment.  I figured I would post a
positive comment as I feel they have really earned it.

I have done business with AZ Gardens (http://www.azgardens.com) on three
occasions so far and have received the best service I could ask for.
This last time I had some shrimp/SAE casualties during shipment and they
took care of it all.  I have found them to be very generous with their
quantities of plants and their descriptions have been dead on.

The normal disclaimers apply, I have nothing to do with AZ gardens other
than being a satisfied customer of theirs.  When I receive great service
from a company I like to let others know about it, thus this email.


Robert Chady
Cadott, WI where winter decided to get its final punches in...