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SAE - never again.

I had 4 SAE that were destroying my Rotalla wallichi and mayaca, so I have 
been trying to get them out. I tried catching them in the middle of the 
night, using a soda bottle to form a trap, using a soda bottle as a 
net...well, nothing worked. So yesterday I finally drained the tank down to 
about 1/2" of water, pulled out the huge chunk of driftwood, and removed 
about 1/2 the plants. I was able to catch 3 of the 4 fairly easily, but it 
took about 10 minutes to find and catch the fourth - I still don't know 
where it was hiding. The tank looks awful and I lost some plants, at least 
one shrimp, and at least 1 fish in the process, but at leats those awful 
fish are gone. SAE = Stay Away Eternally, as far as I'm concerned.


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