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Re: trade disputes and Rossi

I agree with everything that steve maier said and i would have gone on with 
my day and forgotten this subject but unfortunately, posted immedieately 
below it was Rossi's response to a previous post.  AND since i ALSO didn't 
receive my plants nor a reply to several emails,  AND since i live in HOUSTON 
where in SEPTEMER it was hardly cold enough to warrant heat packs AND since i 
believe firmly that "Rossi" doesnt live in either of the polar regions,  i 
WOULD like a refund via paypal since that was the way i paid to begin with. 

and should i get back the "measly 5 bucks" i will be happy to donate it to 
the defense fund.
Have a nice day.

rich green 

PS: and i promise to the group to never never never write a post of this 
nature again.

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