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Re:jettisoning Rataj & Horeman

From: David Whittaker <dwhitt at sympatico_ca>

>...... I think that it's time to put my Rataj & Horeman up
>for auction and purchase the Kasselmann book.

Rataj & Horeman's attempts to revise Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne 
taxonomy have not been accepted, and Kasslemann is now the aquatic 
plant author who is in touch with the latest taxonomic thinking. 
However, I think that the Rataj & Horeman book is still worth 
keeping.  It has nice photographs, and many odd-ball plants (such as 
Pilularia) that are not in many other books.  Often their advice on 
growing a certain species is based on their experience and seems to 
be right on target.  R&H seems to be transitional from the old 
fashioned to the modern aquarium plant book.

I keep all my old aqaurium books even if they are really outdated, 
such as Encyclopedia of Water Plants, 1967, by Jiri Stodola.  Now, 
there is a book that is really only of value as a collector's item.
Paul Krombholz in moderating central Mississippi having one of the 
driest Januaries on record.