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message for sfbaaps group.

I was looking at sfbaaps algae pictures at 
<http://www.sfbaaps.com/gallery/algae_01.shtml> and saw several that 
were not algae at all, but bushy roots from Eichornia azurea.  There 
didn't seem to be any way to tell anybody at sfbaaps about this 
without joining sfbaaps.  I went through the process, but got the 
following message:


>The moderator of the sfbaaps group has denied
>your request for membership.
>The moderator of each Yahoo! Groups group chooses whether to
>restrict membership in his or her group. Moderators who
>choose to restrict membership also choose whom to admit.
>Please note that this decision is final and that Yahoo! Groups
>does not control group membership.

OK.  Perhaps someone who is a member of sfbaaps will see this.

Paul Krombholz in cool central Mississippi starting on a warming trend.