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Fw: DIY CO2 bubble rate control and reactor

 Hello all,

 I just set up a DIY CO2 system today, typical 2 liter cola bottle. The
 output goes into the intake of a Penguin 550 power head. It's not noisy,
 the bubbles seem to come out about 1 per sec. and are chopped into a flurry
 of bubbles that fill the water. They don't seem to dissolve or dissapear. I
 don't have a bubble counter or reactor at this time. I also don't have a
 pressure release valve or a needle valve in line to control pressure or
 rate. I just don't have the money at the moment.

 What are your opinions on a DIY reactor in terms of effectiveness and ease
 of construction? I don't want to waste time & effort building a mediocre
 reactor, at that point it would be better to buy one.

 Similarly, any opinions on inexpensive pressure release valves or systems?