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MTS and killifish

>> Actually, it depends on what you want. MTS are despised and considered a 
>>  menace by folks who breed fish. Their carnivorous habits are most focused 
>>  eating eggs. With killies, they will strip a spawning mop clean, every 
>>  night, and disappear back into the substrate for the day. Likewise, 
>>  will guard eggs during the day but lose them at night.
>Why would you put snails in a tank meant for breeding egg layers to start 
>with? Breeder tanks should stripped down and sterilized before breeding is 
>planned. MTS snails are great in a community tank. If you want to breed fish 
>they shouldn't be in a community tank. BTW freezing for several days will 
>eliminate MTS snails. I breed fish and I think MTS are the best snails around 
>I just don't put them in my breeding tanks.

Killies don't have breeding tanks. Unlike say, tetras or cichlids
that lay a bunch of eggs all at onece, killies lay a few eggs
every day, pretty much forever. So killie breeding tanks look
like regular tanks with a yarn spawning mop.


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