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RE: shrimp source


I have not lived there for maybe 25-30 years but there used to be a
really good store just north of Worcester, MA.  I looked on the internet
and I think the name is the Aquarium Center, 287 W. Boylston Street, MA.
(508/ 835-4572 - http://www.aquarium-center.com ).  I know it has been
over 25 years but I mention them because when I was there it seemed to
be a well established store, they had a large and varied selection of
fish, and the selection changed quite frequently - about every week or
two.  They had some they kept regularly like neons, fancy guppies,
corys, plecos, etc.  But as I recall more than half their selection
would change when they sold out the tank to something completely new.
There site says they have all pets and I do not recall that, but then
again age will do that to you.

I think there was also one in Framingham that was not too bad either.
It was kind of far for me as I was living in Worcester at the time.  If
my memory and the internet are correct, it is the Tropic Isle Aquarium,
4 Pierce Street, Framingham, MA (508/ 875-5303 -
http://www.tropicisleaquarium.com ).

Online I have had great experiences ordering from
http://www.aquariumfish.net/.  Nice guys, very fair, cheaper than most
when I was doing business with them, and they take care of problems
immediately and without question.  I have bought SAEs, Amano shrimp and
Singapore Wood shrimp (a very pretty, large and harmless shrimp with 4
fans instead of claws they stick up in the current to trap algae) from
them several times.  A great bunch of guys.

Hope this helps.


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> Subject: shrimp source 
> From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com> 
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> Anyone know of a LFS in New Hampshire or Massachusetts that sells
> shrimp for the planted aquarium? No sellers here in Maine (State won't
> it).

> -Travis