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shrimps and copper

Naomi Mizumoto's shrimps were dying of an unknown cause. She
said " Bizarre, since the fish and snails
were fine. If the snails were acting weird, I would have
suspected copper
poisoning (though aside from pennies, I don't know where it
would have come
from). "

1) I believe shrimps are more sensitive to copper than
snails and red algae. My bamboo shrimps died immediately
upon adding just a little copper sulphate to the water while
the snails and red algae showed no strange syptoms. Only
upon increasing the dosage did both of the latter two die
off. So do not disregard copper as the cause if the snails
did not show any symptoms.

2) Copper is a tap water contaminant in some localities
especially were copper piping is used.

3) If you have ever treated fish with copper containing
compounds the residue may stay bound to the substrate, and
can effect grazing shrimps.

3) A Total Copper test kit will eliminate all doubts.


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