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Red cherry shrimp questions

Hi, All!

I went to my LFS (Albany Aquarium) yesterday and was led to a tank with 
very cute little newcomers: red cherry shrimp. Of course I had to grab a 
few. The only info I've been able to find is that they "eat a different 
variety of algae than C. japonica" and are a tropical species. Does anybody 
have additional info (from literature and/or personal experience)? Exactly 
what type(s) of algae do they eat? Are they as difficult to breed as C. 
japonica? Scientific nomenclature?

Well, they've survived the first 24 hours in my tank with no problem. They 
seem to be getting along well with the three old-timer marsh shrimp, too; 
even brought them out of their carapace (figuratively) a bit. I'd love to 
know more about the little rubies.