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Re: Red cherry shrimp questions

Naomi wrote:

>I went to my LFS (Albany Aquarium) yesterday and was led to a tank with
>very cute little newcomers: red cherry shrimp. Of course I had to grab a

Of course. :)

>The only info I've been able to find is that they "eat a different
>variety of algae than C. japonica" and are a tropical species. Does anybody
>have additional info (from literature and/or personal experience)? Exactly
>what type(s) of algae do they eat? Are they as difficult to breed as C.
>japonica? Scientific nomenclature?

They're a Taiwanese strain of Neocaridina denticulata (aka: Minami Numa 
Ebi).  Arizona Aquatic Gardens is selling the red ones now, too, and they 
have basic info on their site.  Here's the link:


That's probably about as detailed of an info page as you're likely to 
find.  I did some minor poking around for info on the "regular" N. 
denticulata last Fall, but I never came up with much.  However, among what 
info I did manage to scrape up, there's a consensus that they are easy to 
breed in an aquarium.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee