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Submit to My Authority!

"The APD has traditionally been a place where BOTH the technical hobbyist
and the technophobe have felt at home. Everyone has benefited from the
exchange of ideas and information."

"The tolerance of diverse interests and talents is an attractive human
quality.  And the breadth of discussion is beneficial to those that want to
learn, whether technical hobbyist or technophobe."

I totally agree. But, I feel like a progressive wandering through the
wasteland called talk radio. Somebody has to be the voice of the loyal
opposition. Liberal, conservative. Believer, non-believer. Technical
hobbyist, technophobe. That kind of black and white description doesn't help
matters. I'm not trying to "dumb things down". I'm just suggesting that
there are less expensive and more simple ways to succeed. For that, I get an
invitation to leave this forum, which  is yet another example of such that
has already been commented upon. You want to be a technogeek, go ahead, but
don't shout down others that suggest a different route.

T (gadfly) W

It's a strange world where Marilyn Manson offers the most cogent opinion on
the cause of violence in America.