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Re: Barley

> > 2. Despite this fact, marketing of barley straw products,
> particularly in the
> > pond industry, has become common and has many proponents.
> (would like to
> > hear form some actual pond hobbysists opinions who have used
> this.  It would
> > be interesting to find how many say it is bunk)...my next task at hand
> The pond folks semm to give it two thumbs up for green water control but
> here again, the lowly Daphnia, can literally remove any Green water issue,
> unless you something in the pond that eats them etc.

Well, I can tell you that I never saw any benefit from the barley straw I
used in my pond.  No more or less algae than without it.  Then again, I
rarely have green water problems in there at all- mostly stringy stuff that
is just as easy to pull out when I'm working around the pond, anyway.

There are a lot of folk on the pond newsgroups who do swear by the stuff,

In very frigid NH, where it was -10 degrees at 10 AM this morning! No algae
in the pond today! :)
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