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Yeast in the tank :-0

>Hey Folks,  Sorry if this has been discussed before, I've checked the 
>archives with no success.
>       The Kid(s) knocked over the bottle of sugar water and yeast and about 
>1qt of the mixture was sucked into the tank by the ongoing pressure of the 
>CO2 fermentation process.  Tank turned cloudy white, which I assume is the 
>yeast or bacterial bloom.  Fish don't seem too stressed by it.  I replaced 50 
>then 75 then 90 percent of the water but continue with cloudiness.  My plan 
>is to continue to rinse the system in this way until I can flush it all out.  
>I know this is not great for the fish but . . . Any suggestions?

Get a Diatom filter, quick. It'll clean it up in minutes. The tie I've
had yeast in a tank (from attempting to feed it to daphnia cultures)
I ended up with disgusting long white threads of goo that made an
utrer mess of it all.


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